Morning everyone! All’s…

Morning everyone! All's well here today -- the sun is shining, the air is warm, the birds are chirping, etc. and so on...:-) I went to dance class yesterday (Jazz) and had great fun, although by the end of the class I felt as if I would fall over and die if she said "Again!" one more time...which she did, of course. This morning my legs hurt, my back hurts, my ankles even hurt, but I feel just fine! :-) It's my own damn fault for being a lazy bum all winter -- I'm just paying the price now...

Went and picked up my tax forms yesterday as well -- the plan is to do them today, so that I can do the FAFSA tomorrow and file it all before March 1st, which is the deadline for some of the schools to which I'm applying. I wasn't sure exactly which forms I'd need (I used to do the 1040EZ, but now that I have a little story income from last year, and deductions, I'm afraid it's more complicated), so I picked up a bunch of different forms, and hope I can figure it out...ick. I'm hoping it's not as bad as it looks.

Reading Science Fiction Age today (a magazine I haven't actually started yet). I'll let you know how it is...hmm...not much else to say. Got lots of interesting mail from readers this morning -- always a nice way to start the day. Two interesting things recommended to me were a book called "Eat Me" by an Australian author about several women, one of whom writes erotica while the others live it :-), and "Bitter Moon," a movie recommended by a reader who liked the How to Fuck Up Relationships list (which I repeat, I did not write. I only wish I had...).

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